Benefits of Using Spreadsheets


Spreadsheets are office business applications that enable users to graph, store and manipulate data. Learning how to use spreadsheets software can help you unlock their full potential. Today, employers are increasingly in demand for candidates that are skilled in industry specific spreadsheet programs. Whether you are already employed or are searching for a job, learning how to use spreadsheets will improve your career prospects.


There are different spreadsheet applications you learn. However, not all of them will be right for you. The best applications to learn are those that are relevant to your industry.  The good thing about spreadsheets is that most of them work in nearly the same manner. Therefore, if you learn how to use one application, you will not have a difficult time learning how to use others. Below are some benefits of using spreadsheets.


i) The applications are familiar

The top spreadsheet applications are widely used in many industries. The only difference is that some of the functions that may be required most in one industry may be different from those required in others.  When you learn the basics of spreadsheets (such as data entry, formatting, formulas, data anlaysis, etc.) you can easily start with them at your business. This will save time and money since you won't have to go through the familiarization process.


ii) Excellent for analyzing data

Spreadsheet applications can store quite a huge amount of data. The top applications can store 16,000 columns by a million rows. If you have a very large amount of data to process, spreadsheets will make your work easier.  The software have flexible sorting, searching and filtering tools that can help you sift through a vast amount of data. Apart from this, spreadsheets allow you to combine graphs and tables. This allows you create seemingly endless data that can be presented in a solid and tangible way.


iii) Improve your resume

Today, nearly all businesses use spreadsheets in one way or the other. If you are a student, having spreadsheet skills can give you an edge over other applicants for the same job. Potential employers can see that you took initiative to learn the application and hence you can learn other skills that may be necessary for the job. If you are already employed, improving your spreadsheet skills will also make you an asset to the organization. The employer can assign you additional responsibilities.